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"Why are we being forced to choose between the economy and the environment? We tend to forget that without an environment we would not have an economy, as everything we consume and I mean everything comes from our environment."

~ Franke James (contemporary artist, photographer, writer)

【Today Culture Salon】 Environmental Interaction 【今日文化沙龙】环境世界的互动交流

2014-04-12 15:00
Matt Hope: The People's Power Light

How do natural, industrial, and social resources interact? Matt Hope invites the public to ask this question through his art.

Hope's work uses industrial objects that are often designed to his specifications and fabricated in Chinese factories, which he works with on an interpersonal level. Common materials include speakers systems, solar panels, vehicles and shipping containers, all of which Hope combines into electromechanical sculptures that invite environmental input and flirt with the human scale.

His latest design, "People's Power Light", is a streetlight powered by (human) kinetic energy. Inspired by the public outdoor fitness equipment found throughout China, Hope developed a system which utilizes the kinetic energy generated during people’s exercise routines. The electric energy generated by these physical workouts are used to power the streetlight. In Hope’s opinion, this design is not only focusing on saving energy as an aspect of environmental protection, but also aims to explore the possibilities of transferring and sharing our own human energy.



MyH2O is one of the first online crowd-sourcing mapping platforms on water quality in China, designed to prompt water risk awareness, citizen activism and governmental response through independent reports of water quality.

China has long been troubled by water contamination. Continuous emissions from industry as well as heavy application of agricultural fertilizers and pesticides are the major contributors to the deteriorating water quality [1].

Volunteer Report: Environmental Interaction ( 环境世界的互动交流)

Matt Hope: The People's Power Light

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Beijing River Watch

Cuihu National Urban Wetland Park

As part of our World Water Day report series (click here to read previous posts), this week we'd like to call everyone's attention to Green Earth Volunteers' Beijing River Watch:

China’s water crisis - exemplified by scarcity and pollution - has been the subject of national and international concern for years, and Beijing can be seen as a microcosm of the larger national problem. As Zhang Junfeng stated in a recent interview, “Beijing’s story is the story of China. Beijing’s ecology can only support several million people, but the city is almost 20 million. China has the same problem.”

The 760-Billion-Yuan Plan: Can Money Buy Clean Air for Beijing? ( 北京治霾,可否又快又省? )

2014-04-16 19:30
Beijing Energy Network - official logo 2012

Dear BEN Friends,

Next Wednesday, we'll be having a Chinese-language lecture by Mr. Tao Guangyuan, Executive Director of the Sino-German Renewable Energy Cooperation Center who will discuss the question: Can Money Buy Clean Air? Join us at Abella for this interesting, challenging question and discussion in Chinese!

北京能源网络 北耳陶光远中德可再生能源合作中心, 执行主任
Beijing Energy Network presents Beijing Energy & Environment Roundtable (BEER)

featuring Mr. Tao Guangyuan, Executive Director of Sino-German Renewable Energy Cooperation Center Deutsche Energie-Agentur

EcoAction in Sichuan

2014-05-01 00:00
EcoAction - Giant Panda Tour

Can Giant Pandas really return to the wild? What can we do to help them toughen up, completely shake off dependence on humans and integrate into a wild population? These are still questions for scientists to examine, as well as every single human being.

As travelers, can we really participate in those important amazing work? What has been done? And how we can spread positive impact?

To learn more, EcoAction invites you on an expedition this May that will raise questions about the limitations of breeding pandas in captivity. Get the chance to explore how human development needs and creating spaces for these animals to live freely according to their natural instincts coalesce.

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The Living Water Garden

The Living Water Garden (Chengdu, Sichuan)

To commemorate World Water Day, GtB is sharing good green news about water issues over the next 6 weeks (click here to read previous posts). Today we invite you to visit Betsy Damon's Living Water Garden, a 5.9 acre (2.4 ha) urban ecological park, free and open to the public, located in the middle of Sichuan province's capital city, Chengdu.

"In traditional Chinese culture, water quality is inextricably linked to health, and the idea of living water was unquestioned... Each day, 200 cubic meters of polluted river water move through a seven stage natural treatment system of various wetlands and emerge clean enough to drink. Though this amount of water is not enough to affect the river water quality as a whole, it serves as an effective demonstration project that would have lasting influence. The park also includes an environmental education center, several water features (including flow forms), and a refuge for wildlife. The entire park itself is designed to be in the shape of a fish, a symbol of regeneration in Chinese culture." [Betsy Damon, 25 Years On Water]

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Green-hearted Volunteers

Greening the Beige, an eco-minded arts collective, formed in Beijing, is on the lookout for new volunteers and VIP green players!

2014 - Team Positions

Management Team

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Project Garden

 The Green Man of Dongzhimen

Do you have a dream project that could bring about positive change in the world?
Would you like to share ideas and join inspiring projects?

Would you like to connect with other change makers?

The Project Garden invites you to join a conversation about moving projects
forward. This will be an opportunity to get input for your project or to contribute
ideas and join other inspiring projects.


The Project Garden is a local initiative to plant seeds of change and nurture a
community of change makers in Beijing.


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ChenLong Wetlands - Environmental Art Project

ChenLong Wetlands - Environmental Art Project

As promised last week, we are featuring water news on our website over the course of the next 10 weeks to help raise awareness of water issues. We are astounded by its beauty and sustenance, and absolutely in awe of incredible projects like the ChenLong Wetlands Environmental Art Project in Taiwan (pictured here):

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